Thursday, November 04, 2004

Fraud Round-up

Ever vigilant: here's what I can find in the way of allegations of fraud and lost votes. If you know of more, add them in comments.

First, Kathy Dopp of USTogether has found that Florida counties with optical scan ballots show many more Republican votes -- often 100+% more Republican votes -- than would be expected based on party registration and turnout figures for the county. But E-Touchscreen counties don't show this pattern. See her quantitative analysis. This suggests a pattern of fraud, using some trick that works only on optical scan counties -- further discussion here.

This is at most the beginning of a circumstantial case, and it might be explained by Demorats voting for Bush in droves, in combination with some other factors, or by faulty analysis -- but looking at the wacky shifts in some (optical-scan only) counties, I find it hard to believe. The issue is worth our attention.

Second,'s Greg Palast points out that Ohio is likely a sea of discarded, hanging chad, just as Florida was in 2000.

Third, EFF reports incidents of electronic voting machines repeatedly registering different candidates than ones the voters chose.

Fourth, AmericaBlog has this report about what went wrong during the delivery of 40 precincts'-worth of ballots to one Ohio county board of elections.

This just in from Hunter at Daily Kos: a summary of why the final counts in Ohio won't give Kerry a win, and detailed information relating to fraud with electronic voting machines. ''There is a second set of books built in to Diebold machines, which can be accessed remotely if necessary.  Note that there is some evidence that this has actually happened...''


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