Thursday, November 25, 2004

Howard Dean for DNC Chair

One reason to support Howard Dean for DNC Chair is the fine language put forward in support of him at

Across the country our candidates failed to make the case for the Democratic Party.

The Republicans and media elites who manufacture conventional wisdom diagnose our problems for us: we’re wrong on the issues, they say, and we’re on the wrong side of what they call culture. They are wrong.

Our first problem is message. We let Republicans define the debate. They run on guns, God and gays—and instead of standing up for our values we try to excuse their extremism. We move further and further to the right and we fear standing up against what we know to be wrong. We compromise our values for the sake of victory and wind up with neither integrity nor victory.

He has an even more important virtue, which is that he's willing to run politics openly. But what they say is true too.


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