Sunday, December 12, 2004

Why I am a Reform Democrat

From PhillipG at DailyKos

The message to the rank-and-file Democrat should come through loud and clear:  "We'll take your money, your vote, and your organizing skill, but when it comes to overarching policy or making decision about the real direction of the party, you can forget about it."

In a lot of ways, it is akin to the notion "Taxation without representation.
It seems to me, more and more, that Gore Vidal's thesis is correct:  In the United States, we have only ONE political party--the Property Party that represents the interests of the wealthy and the super wealthy.  It has two right wings, the more reactionary of the two being called "Republican," and the conservative wing being called "Democrat."

Look, when the Party establishment did what it did to Howard Dean during the primary season, they weren't just taking out Dean.  They were taking out his 600.000 supporters who were part of one of the most exciting, dynamic and innovative grass-roots movements that had come along in years.  In doing so, they were showing that they  have nothing but CONTEMPT for the grass roots.  

Face it:  All these people care about is their own positions, their own power, their own money, and the interests of their super wealthy and corporate backers.  The rank and file--and the blogosphere, which is the rank and file's pipeline into the process--can  go to  hell for all they care.


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