Monday, November 22, 2004

DNC Chair

Good news today. Not only is Vilsack taking himself out:

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack said Monday that he will not seek the chairmanship of the Democratic Party. Citing his responsibilities as governor, Vilsack said "these challenges and opportunities require more time than I felt I could share. As a result I will not be a candidate for DNC chairman."

but Simon Rosenberg appears to be a new favorite, at least in some circles. This from an email from The Hill, which appears on MyDD:

Simon Rosenberg, who currently heads the New Democrat Network, is becoming the favorite to become the next chairman of the DNC. But the former Clintonite also has a strong following among "outside" Democrats--activists who came to the party via former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and other Internet voters who read the blogs. Rosenberg's straight talk about what the party needs to do has been remarkably consistent and his 527's effort to win Hispanic voters was more successful than expected. Also in his favor: He's a tireless fundraiser.

To get some measure of Rosenberg, see the website of New Democratic Network, the organization he runs, e.g. this thank you letter.

A poll of 155 DNC Members (440 vote) found Dean to be the most popular single choice. All good so far. However, with Vilsack out of the way, the Establishment Candidate Factory will happily push Ickes or Shaheen into the spotlight.

See MyDD for more -- plenty more.


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