Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Liberal Auto Industry

One of the oddest things about right-wing media criticism is that the whole business is based on accusing the right-wing media of left-wing bias. You only have to look at The New York Times coverage on page one during the last seven years to see what The Times is: a newspaper with a right-wing bias so strong that when right-wing nutcases were attempting to impeach a Democratic president using lies and dirty tricks, The Times did much of the heavy lifting; but then immediately, with no time to forget turned around and gave a Republican president a free leg up as he began destroying America.

Why then, do right-wing pundits and even sensible Democrats buy into the notion that The Times is actually liberal? A little bit of it is because pages 26 and 27 (the editorial page) are liberal.

But the real reason is that, like in the Liberal Auto Industry, it's obvious that most of the people who work in the foot-soldier jobs are liberals. Rumor has it that 90% of Times reporters are Democrats. Like the union members in the auto industry, this is a Democrat-leaning bunch. And that's what makes The Times itself, and the auto industry itself, so left-wing.

Why, just today I was reading on the front page of The Times about how GM is lobbying for stricter fuel-efficiency standards. God damned Liberal Auto Industry.


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