Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Doug Feith to go?

And put some mushrooms on that.

Well, if he is to go, thank heaven for small favors. But it appears Don Rumsfeld, who has been an idiot for at least five years, is to dodder on through another term. This from Yglesias: (inverted commas mine)

Don Rumsfeld is here to stay as Secretary of Defense. Before the election I found that a shockingly large number of well-informed Republicans "thought" that Rumsfeld would go in a second-term and we would get a reality-based foreign policy. I would have thought that Bush's description of Rumsfeld as the best Secretary of Defense ever (don't recall his exact words, but that really is what he said) would have put an end to that.

The good news, such as it is, is that the rumor mill seems to be indicating that Bush will turn Doug Feith into some kind of sacrificial lamb and at least get rid of him. The thing to watch in that regard, though, will be what happens to Feith's immediate subordinates -- if Rumsfeld wants to clean house he'd have to get rid of a bunch of people.

Update: But how CNN is rumoring that Feith will replace Tom Ridge, who, obviously, they think is going. Hard to imagine a man less competent to defend our homeland than Doug Feith, and I'm a lot better at imagining incompetence than I was four years ago. Feith, by the way, is the man Tommy Franks called "the stupidest fucking guy on the face of the earth."


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