Thursday, November 18, 2004

Strategery: Core Values and Detailed Plan

We need to stop looking for a candidate with the best message and start looking for a candidate who will best deliver our message.
-- Kos diarist daunte

A must read: daunte presents a detailed framework for rebuilding the Democratic party's core values, coalition of voters, and framing. The steps in the plan are on the left. The sad state of current affairs is on the right. For the details -- which are quite nice -- click through.


In the example work-through, his example core values are (1) protecting freedom, (2) economic progress, and (3) generational responsibility. A fine start I'd say. He then expands these into positions on the major issues that face Americans: (1) protecting freedom: strategic defense, principled leadership, freedom for all (2) economic progress: eductaional opportunity, dynamic industry, supportive of the work force (3) generational responsibility: fiscal responsibility, leave the world a better place, open and ethical governance.

The point of the exercise is that the above handful of words is then repeated over and over and over again in the context of discussing policy, by every democratic pundit who ever appears anywhere. And this is easy to do, because they are well-expressed and, well, they are our values.

It's a good read.


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