Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This Evening's Terms of Abuse

Right-wing media: NYT, CNN, etc
Far-right media: Fox etc
Appeasement: refers to some moves to the center by Democrats, specifically those meant to appease.

About the last, I should note that the bushes are thick with Democrats saying we must move to the center. Empirically, this doesn't make sense: centrists Bush and Ford, for example, failed to win reelection, while hard right nutcases Reagan and Bush Jr have been popular. The only popular centrist president has been Clinton, and one suspects his immense charisma was the real cause.

And there is, simply, a problem with centrism: it is too hard to make it seem passionate. Give me a centrist with as much charisma as John Edwards and I'll say fine, but we must hew to our values, not to the center.


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