Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bush Employs Russian Arms-Trafficker Suspected of Links to Talaban

This is Russian arms dealer Victor Bout, working "for" the Bush administration in Iraq. Bout allegedly sold airplanes to the Taliban for use in transporting arms into Afghanistan.

[Sen. Russell] Feingold [D, WI] said Monday, "What's obviously wrong is that U.S. taxpayer dollars are going to fatten the wallet of someone associated with the Taliban and with atrocities in places like Liberia and Sierra Leone."

Article in The L.A. Times


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a capable, maybe pragmatic, guy who can get a hard job done and who can work with a wide variety of people. Maybe it's like the Halliburton story- "they were the only company who could do the job" we were told - I mean how many people can do whatever this guy is doing with a proven track record? You want someone with experience for our US tax dollars right? Well then...

And what about second chances? I believe we can turn enemies into friends, at least for a little while and with a lot of supervision. Perhaps it's better he's working with us (whatever "with us" means) than against us. I don't think things are so black and white as this guy is good, this guy is evil. I think more often "this guy" is just out to run a business, and probably doesn't have a strong ideology.


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