Tuesday, December 07, 2004

DNC State Executive Directors Contact List

It looks like DNC State Executive Directors will be playing a big role in selecting the DNC Chair. Here are their names and phone numbers. State Executive Directors, and some other DNC members (a list of the rest is here) often have use for political support from within the party, and they select the next Chair on February 12.

By contacting your state party director you can do two things: ask her/him to support Howard Dean, and ask when and where your local Dem committee meets. In my state, there is one for every Assembly District, and their membership votes representatives to the state party, so they are a good way to insert yourself into the workings of your state Dem Party.

Here is the list:


Mike Kanarick Alabama Democratic Party
Montgomery, AL 36104 PO Box 950
W:334-262-2221, F:334-262-6474
Bridget Gallagher Alaska Democratic Party
Anchorage, AK 99523 P.O. Box 231230
W:907-258-3050, F:907-258-1626
Dennis Fuimanono American Samoa Democratic Party
Pago Pago, AS 96799 0 P.O. Box 485
W:011-684-633-40, F:011-684-633-163
Paul Hegarty Arizona Democratic Party
Phoenix, AZ 85012 2910 North Central Ave.
W:602-298-4200, F:602-298-7117
Michael Cook Arkansas Democratic Party
Little Rock, AR 72201 1300 W. Capitol Ave.
W:501-374-2361, F:501-376-8409
Kathy Bowler California Democratic Party
Sacramento, CA 95814 1401 21st St., Ste. 100
W:916-442-5707, F:916-442-5715
Julie DeWoody Colorado Democratic Party
Denver, CO 80204 777 Santa Fe Drive
W:303-623-4762, F:303-623-2443
Leslie O'Brien Connecticut Democratic Party
Hartford, CT 06114 380 Franklin Ave.
W:860-560-1775, F:860-296-1522
Nicole Majeski Delaware Democratic Party
Wilmington, DE 19899 PO Box 2065
W:302-328-9036, F:302-328-9386
Josh Kravitz Democrats Abroad
Washington, DC 20003 430 S. Capitol St., SE
W:202-863-8103, F:202-863-8063
Executive Director District Of Columbia Dem Party
Washington, DC 20003 499 South Capitol St., SW
W:202-554-8790, F:202-554-6912
Paige Carter-Smith Florida Democratic Party
Tallahassee, FL 32302 PO Box 1758
W:850-222-3411, F:850-222-0916
Jeff Disantis Georgia Democratic Party
Atlanta, GA 30309 1100 Spring St., Ste. 710
W:404-885-1998, F:404-873-4396
Joshua F. Tenorio Guam Democratic Party
Tanmung, GU 96913 c/o Willy Flores - Ste. 306, Sunny's Plaza
W:671-647-9233, F:671-477-5300
Jan Nagano Hawaii Democratic Party
Honolulu, HI 96813 770 Kapiolani Blvd #111
W:808-596-2980, F:808-596-2985
Maria Weeg Idaho Democratic Party
Boise, ID 83701 PO Box 445
W:208-336-1815, F:208-336-1817
Tim Mapes Democratic Party Of Illinois
Springfield, IL 62705 PO Box 518
W:217-546-7404, F:217-546-8847
Dan Parker Indiana Democratic Party
Indianapolis, IN 46204 1 N. Capitol, Ste. 200
W:317-231-7115, F:317-231-7129
Jean Hessburg Iowa Democratic Party
Des Moines, IA 50321 5661 Fleur Dr.
W:515-558-9580, F:515-244-5051
Mark Simpson Kansas Democratic Party
Topeka, KS 66601 PO Box 1914
W:785-234-0425, F:785-234-8420
Eddie Jacobs Kentucky Democratic Party
Frankfort, KY 40602 PO Box 694
W:502-695-4828, F:502-695-7629
Derek Wooley Louisiana Democratic Party
Baton Rouge, LA 70802 701 Government Street
W:225-336-4155, F:225-336-0046
Aymie Walshe Maine Democratic Party
Augusta, ME 04332 PO Box 5258
W:207-622-6233, F:207-622-2657
Josh White Maryland Democratic Party
Annapolis, MD 21401 188 Main St., Ste. 1
W:410-269-8818, F:410-280-8882
Sue Thomson Massachusetts Democratic Party
Quincy, MA 02169 10 Granite St, 4th Floor
W:617-472-0637, F:617-472-4391
Sylvia Perkins Michigan Democratic Party
Lansing, MI 48933 606 Townsend
W:517-371-5410, F:517-371-2056
Jennifer Siems Ford Minnesota Democratic Party
Saint Paul, MN 55107 255 East Plato Blvd
W:651-251-6312, F:651-251-6325
Keelan Sanders Mississippi Democratic Party
Jackson, MS 39215 PO Box 1583
W:601-969-2913, F:601-354-1599
Corey Dillon Missouri Democratic Party
Jefferson City, MO 65102 419 East High Street
W:573-636-5241, F:573-634-8176
Brad Martin Montana Democratic Party
Helena, MT 59624 PO Box 802
W:406-442-9520, F:406-442-9534
Barry Rubin Nebraska Democratic Party
Lincoln, NE 68508 633 South 9th St.
W:402-434-2185, F:402-434-2188
Rebecca J. Lambe Nevada Democratic Party
Las Vegas, NV 89104 1785 E. Sahara Ave., Ste. 496
W:702-737-8683, F:702-735-2700
Mike Vlacich New Hampshire Democratic Party
Manchester, NH 03301 300 Bedford Street
W:603-225-6899, F:603-225-6797
Janice Campbell New Jersey Democratic Party
Trenton, NJ 08608 150 W. State St.
W:609-392-3367, F:609-396-4778
Vanessa Alarid New Mexico Democratic Party
Albuquerque, NM 87110 1301 San Pedro NE
W:505-830-3650, F:505-830-3645
Chung C. Seto New York Democratic Party
New York, NY 10010 60 Madison Ave., Ste. 1201
W:212-725-8825, F:212-725-8867
Scott Falmlen North Carolina Democratic Party
Raleigh, NC 27603 220 Hillsborough St.
W:919-821-2777, F:919-821-4778
Vern Thompson North Dakota Democratic Party
Bismark, ND 58501 1902 East Divide
W:701-255-0460, F:701-255-7823
Hanna Greer Ohio Democratic Party
Columbus, OH 43215 271 E. State St.
W:614-221-6563, F:614-221-0721
Chilton Marshall Oklahoma Democratic Party
Oklahoma City, OK 73105 410 N. Lincoln Blvd.
W:405-427-3366, F:405-255-1292
Neel Pender Oregon Democratic Party
Portland, OR 97232 232 NE 9th Ave.
W:503-224-8200, F:503-224-5335
Donald F. Morabito Pennsylvania Democratic Party
Harrisburg, PA 17101 510 N. Third St.
W:717-238-9381, F:717-233-3472
Eliseo Roque Puerto Rico Democratic Party
San Juan, PR 00919 PO Box 190998
W:787-274-2931, F:787-759-9075
Melba DePena Rhode Island Democratic Party
Pawtucket, RI 02852 249 Roosevelt Ave.
W:401-721-9900, F:401-724-5007
Michelle Macrina South Carolina Democratic Party
Columbia, SC 29250 PO Box 5965
W:803-799-7798, F:803-765-1692
Jason Schulte South Dakota Democratic Party
Pierre, SD 57501 207 East Capitol Ave.
W:605-224-1750, F:605-224-1759
Jim Hester Tennessee Democratic Party
Nashville, TN 37203 223 8th Ave. Ste 200
W:615-327-9779, F:615-327-9759
Mike Levigne Texas Democratic Party
Austin, TX 78701 701 Rio Grande
W:512-478-9800, F:512-480-2500
Arlyn Bradshaw Utah Democratic Party
Salt Lake City, UT 84111 455 South, 300 East, #102
W:801-328-1212, F:801-328-1238
Jonathan Copans Vermont Democratic Party
Montpelier, VT 05601 PO Box 1220
W:802-264-1820, F:802-229-1784
Pamela Richards Virgin Islands Democratic Party
St. Croix, VI 00841 PO Box2 01 Frederiksted
W:340-774-8784, F:340-773-5074
Lindsey Reynolds Virginia Democratic Party
Richmond, VA 23219 1108 E. Main St., 2nd Fl.
W:804-644-1966, F:804-343-3642
Executive Director Washington Democratic Party
Seattle, WA 98104 PO Box 4027
W:206-583-0664, F:206-583-0301
Scott Sears West Virginia Democratic Party
Charleston, WV 25311 5 Greenbriar St.
W:304-342-8121, F:304-342-8122
Kim Warkentin Wisconsin Democratic Party
Madison, WI 53703 222 West Washington, Ste. 150
W:608-255-5172, F:608-255-8919
Kyle DeBeer Wyoming Democratic Party
Casper, WY 82602 PO Box 1963
W:307-473-1457, F:307-473-1459


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