Sunday, December 05, 2004

How Democrats Can Win the South

An effective Southern Strategy can bring many of the white southerners into the Democratic Party's fold, and convince black southerners that voting isn't just a waste of time.

Dailykos diarist Aethern has been writing a series of diaries about how as Democrats we retake the South. Aethern goes after three points:


My father, whom if you remember from the first chapter is a card carrying, rock-ribbed conservative who listens to Rush Limbaugh nearly every single day.  Anybody care to take a wild guess about who he wanted to win this election?  To those who guessed George W. Bush, nice try, but no cigar.  My father wanted Howard Dean to win.

Themes and Policies:

Expanded health care - This is a winning issue in the South, but it must be framed in an effective way.  John Kerry had an excellent health care plan, but most folks I know had no clue what it was.  With health care, we simply need to be about 500% more vigorous in marketing and promoting our agenda.  The GOP will attack it, which will have the bonus effect of making them the party against giving your kids health care in that debate.

Fair global trade - NAFTA is a four letter word here in NC.  We need to campaign hard and aggressively for putting the global markets on an even playing field.

-- as we noted last week Howard Dean puts this clearly:

So far NAFTA, the WTO, et. al. have only done half the job: they have provided free trade, freedom to operate for coorporations. Until they complete the equation by also extending labor rights and environmental protections, globalization will end up producing nothing more than continued worldwide resentment to America and its brand of capitalism.

Methods of Campaigning:

Three words:  Grassroots, Grassroots, Grassroots.

Go read it all.


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