Friday, December 03, 2004

New Jersey Legislature Plans Election Reform

From what appears to be an unnamed newspaper, quoted in the Kos diaries:

18-Bill Initiative Includes February Presidential Primary, Mail-in Ballot Casting, Pre-Election Day Voting, Paper Ballot Backups for Electronic Voting Machines
(TRENTON) - Assembly Majority Speaker Albio Sires today announced an Assembly panel next will begin examining an 18-bill election reform plan that aims to increase voter participation, ensure the integrity of election results, and enhance New Jersey's role in presidential politics.
"EVERY VOTER COUNTS" Election Reform Package
Election Consolidation
Early Voting
No-Fault Absentee Ballots
Presidential Primary
Extending Voter Registration Deadline
Voting by Mail
Creation of an Election Advisory Commission
Polling-Place Accessibility
Establishing a Voter Bill of Rights
Political Affiliation
Requiring Voting Machines to Produce Paper Record
Recount/Recheck Reform
Enhanced Voter Education
Implementing HAVA Phase II
Election Day and School Safety
Requiring Disclosure of Provisional and Emergency Ballots
Increasing Penalties for Tampering with Voting Machines or Votes
Foster Civic Responsibility Among High School Students


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