Tuesday, January 11, 2005

DNC: Tell Them You Support Howard Dean

I've been encouraging people to support Howard Dean for DNC Chair, because he has the reformer spirit and the grass-roots know-how to turn the Democratic Party from the weak, corporate-beholden party that it is into the strong people's party that it must be. Why do I think so? Because his Presidential campaign raised unexpected millions in small contributions from indviduals over the internet, thus giving the party more fuel and giving corporate donors proportionally less influence. Because his campaign listened to individuals at the grass roots.

If you support Howard Dean, this is a good time for you to make your feelings known to the DNC Committe Membersfrom your state, most especially those from your local area. You can also contact your State Party Executive Director. Let these people know how you feel about Howard Dean and let them know who you are, especially if you're an active party member or hold office within the Party.

And if you live near LA, there's an opportunity this weekend to show up and make your voice heard in person:

Patriotic Hall
1816 S. Figueroa St, Downtown Los Angeles
(directions/location. Patriotic Hall is south of the Santa Monica (10) freeway, about 4 blocks from the LA Convention Center. The Metro blue line (Grand Ave )stop is 1.5 blocks away.

The DNC California delegation is looking forward to your input!

Approximately one third of the DNC members from CA are expected to attend

If you cannot attend, please feel free to provide your input by e-mail to: DNCListeninghear@aol.com
Or send written input, by mail to : L/O Pam Cooke, 6454 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 209, Van Nuys, CA 91401.


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