Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Action: Follow Up MSNBC's Story on Vote-Counting Details

Now that news about the careful counting of vottes has finally broken onto MSNBC (see post about Olbermann, below), it is the right time to send tv news an email asking them for more coverage of this story.

TV news had, until last night, ignored a growing body of evidence of irregularities in the elections in Ohio and Florida. Most have been small (Franklin County) or confusing (the systematic miscounting of Kerry votes as Bush votes, which seems to have been commonplace nationwide, but was it?). Each of these items needs to be sorted out by officials and covered thoroughly by tv news. There are two excellent reasons for this: (1) there's a tiny chance that the election result we currently think we have is incorrect (2) the only way the vote is going to be taken more properly in 2008 is if the media obsesses over the problems that have occurred. Fortunately, the 24-hour news networks are good at obsessing -- our task is to get them pointed at the story.

Action: Email MSNBC and praise them for running the Olbermann segment about this last night (see below for his blog about that segment).
Action: Contact CNN and ask them to cover this sort of thing.
Action: Paste that same text into an email to Fox.

If you have friends who are interested in this set of issues, ask them to do the same.


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