Monday, November 22, 2004

The Cabinet of Yes Men

Fox's Brit Hume v. Juan Williams

WILLIAMS: No, no, the arrogance, the overreaching is you have a cadre of people who all agree with you about everything.

WALLACE: But they're his Cabinet.

WILLIAMS: No, they're his Cabinet, and therefore they're supposed to be smart, thoughtful people who know a great deal about their area of expertise. Instead, you have people who --

HUME: Wait a minute. What makes you think those people don't know about the area? Do you say that Condoleezza Rice doesn't know foreign policy?

Well, somebody needs to say it.

Why might one think that a Sovietologist was suitable for a high post in this government?

Bush may live in a September 10th world, but his Secretary of State is straight from 1977.


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