Sunday, November 28, 2004

Reform Democrats

This is generated by the Brand Democrat Flyer generator, which is an easy-to-use page for generating fancy looking flyers anchored by the donkey, with text you specify. The slogan seems appropriate as a test phrase for this tool, because it is the example set of core values from daunte's detailed plan for reforming the Democrats' core values and message.


At 5:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, this is a joke - correct? CNN and other media biased towards the Republican Party? Are you living in reality? WMD a made excuse to go to War? Tell Lebanan this. The King has declared a war against terrorists and any country who supports it. Saddam supported terroism in a variety of ways. Clinton and most Democratic Senators agreed with our President. Perhaps the question should be, "Where did the WMD go?" Saddam had a large time span to move the WMD to Iran or another country. Even without the WMD, we had the right to take down Saddam due to his disobedience and lack of cooperation with the UN mandates, the treaty made after we removed Saddam from Kuwait, and his connection to the food for oil program. They were shooting at our planes, did not provide complete information, and he masacured more people at one time than have been killed in the last three years. Our soliders know why we are there, and when Americans calls President Bush a liar, rather than supporting the war and helping get our men home, they provide the terrorists and supporters of Saddam with the media attention and tension they need and want to attack again. Plus, how do you think our soliders feel? Do you want the terrorists here? Currently, the majority of the largest branches are fighting in Iraq. The terrorists have not been able to attack us again, and President Bush told Americans it would be a long-term and difficult military deploment and effort. It took the United States 12 years to radify a Constitution. It has taken Iraq only 3 years to vote in a parliment and primary constitution. Why didn't our allies or friends go to war with us? Try OIL FOR FOOD IN WHICH SADDAM MADE MILLIONS. Spain, Germany, Austraila, Lebanan,Pakistan, Sadui Arabia, Ahfganistan, Italy, England, and Isreal do not think terrorism and Saddam is joke and that we had not right to take him down. Saddam supported Arafat who encouraged and financed terrorism in Isreal and around the world. His wife is currently receiving almost 3 million per year or more from the Palestine Liberation Operation (PLO). She was and is living in a palace type environmen in "good old France", while the people in Palestine need food, clothes, new housing, etc.. ALL OF THIS GOES TOGETHER AND IS UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF TERRORISM, IN WHICH INNOCENT VICTIMS ARE KILLED AND TORTURED.
OH, why don't you tell the parents,children,relatives, and friends of the 3,000 victims of Sept. 11 that things have not changed. WAKE UP! If Clinton have concentrated on homeland security instead of destroying our intellegence and military, perhaps we would not have had to go to war. Instead, he bombed an asprin factory and lied under oath,which Martha Stewart went to jail for, got impeached, was unfaithful to his frightening and power-hungry spouse, and tell young Americans that oral sex was not sex because it depended on what you mean my the word "it?". People may not like some of the things President Bush has done, but he has not waivered. He does not"suck up" to other countries to keep us safe. He stands tall for democracy and economic freedom. Jesus does discuss sex as an unethical activity, and that it is wrong outside of marriage. He tells the prostitute to "go and sin no more." He tells the disciples and others that he came to enforce the laws of Moses, not to abolish them. Jesus also ask, "Didn't you hear the words Moses concerning divorce and faithfulness? The law is the law of God." He gave us the Great Commandment, but people define loving others differently. Personally, I feel we have an obligation to continue our mission in Iraq. People are clueless. We need to be in Iraq not only to protect Iraq and its valuable resources that belong to the people of Iraq, while rebuilding their country, but also because Iran and Syira *misspelled* are on the borders. So,let Howard Dean scream his head off, let Michael Moore act like an uneducated, disrespectful, bitter, rude, and arrogant un-patriotic American. Let the Democrats be politically correct and call Saddam a sorrowful missplaced and distrubed leader rather than a terrorist. Who cares if Ted, Hilary, Barb Boxer, Kerry,etc... scream on the Senate floor. The fact reamins, President Bush reduced taxes, has protected us - as well as possible - displayed integrity and honor, and has dealt with more issues than any other President except Abraham Lincoln. Even Roosevelt did not have to fight a war in which you cannot identify the enemy except through intelligence, grass roots efforts, and money trail. Roosevelt did not have to deal 8 or more National disasters, which increased our National Dept., build up our military, repair public education or the education system in general, attempt to drill for oil in America, so we do not depend on foreign oil, or deal with China who high-jacked one of our planes and kept our men/women hostage for weeks. Roosevelt did not have to boost the enconomy after CEO's lied and took money illegally, nominate numerous federal and Supreme Court judges with Democrats fighting him all the way, put up daily bashing from the media, or work with a corrupt UN that should be assisting in Iraq, Africa, and other countries. We provide the largest amount of money to support the UN, and they put Syria on the human rights committee? Roosevelt did not have to fight evil without the world's support, create a National Security Office, put up with France who has no right to bash the USA, have people tell lies about his position and time in the National Guard, be ridiculed for his Christian beliefs, or be called a "Daddy's rich boy". In reality, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry came from wealthier familes than the President did. He has delt with at least 2 large World-wide disasters, attended one of the best President's in history funeral, has numerous threats to his and his families lives, and actually been shot at. A bomb just missed his car. So,bash the President, etc..., just remember that our country is safer now than it was under Clinton. Fortunately, we did not know it.

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