Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Strategery: Ten good ideas

Lifted whole from Stirling Newberry at bopnews. Many are easy to do, but I've boldfaced those that can be done without ever leaving your couch.

10. Organize Ohio the way Rendell has organized Pennsylvania. As opposed to the way I've organized my files.
9. Target governorships of New York, Massachusetts, Florida and California. Particularly New York and California, where one good redistricting deserves another.
8. Organize Virginia.
7. Two words: Sick Rantorum.
6. Get someone like Alex Keyssar to organize a right to vote drive. As opposed to all votes going to the right.
5. Create large mailing list of angry Democrats who will remind Democratic office holders where the votes come from. Repeatedly. [or even just a short list of your friends. In any case, make it very easy for them to take each action]
4. Young Democrats training camps. Camp Wellstones, as opposed to Camp Millers.
3. Buy up small radio stations for Air America and other liberal outlets.
2. Begin campaign against Republican Intellectual Perversity, writing in constantly when newspapers show right wing bias. Which is often.
1. Target state legislatures, the fastest way to derail stupid constitutional pet tricks.


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