Thursday, December 23, 2004

Democrat Gregoire Wins Washington Governor's Race

Christine Gregoire has won the Governorship of Washington state. This is the conclusion of the second hand recount, initially given to Gregoire by a mere eight votes (initial Democratic count) which was then amended to 10 votes. This was, however, before coutning 732 ballots from heavily Democratic King County which were erroneously set aside before the first count. Republican candidate Dino Rossi made an unpatriotic attempt to block the counting of those ballots with a lawsuit, in which they argued some undemocratic gobledigook or another, but the Washtington Supreme Court gave them a much-deserved, unanimous fuck you. Now that the votes of those 732 voters have finally been counted, Gregoire has won by 130 votes. Further legal challenges are still possible, though any such challenge would have to allege actual fraud.

Hours of fun here.


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