Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Donnie Fowler Kicks Some Republican Ass

There is a third reform candidate running for the Chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. Donnie Fowler is a Southern boy who knows how to talk about values and God. This fine cut of red meat comes from the video (streaming, 11:00) of his C-Span appearance on December 11th:

I'm sorry to see that you're reading straight from the talking points of the Republican Party.
What I'm tired of as a Democrat is somebody like you...telling me that I can't be somebody for values and be a Democrat. I'm tired of hearing Republicans say you can't believe in God and be a Democrat. I'm tired of Republicans who take away pensions, who won't raise the minimum wage, who want to throw people out of work so they can outsource jobs overseas and who cater to the CEOs who make gazillions of dollars -- I'm tired of them saying the Democratic Party doesn't represent values and doesn't stand up for people. And what I'm tired of the most is for somebody to tell me as a Southerner that because I'm white I have to be a Republican, and because I'm a Southerner, but I'm a Democrat, I can't believe in values and God. Let me tell you something, and let me tell everybody here: if I'm Demoncratic Nation Chariman, nobody's going to take God away from the Democratic Party. I'm a Democrat because I'm a Christian, not in spite of it, Sir. And the Democratic Party, when they stand up and talk again about what we start for and what we believe in, then you who have these crazy beliefs that the only people right in the world are right wing Republicans that exclude people, you're gonna have a new day.


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