Wednesday, December 01, 2004

DNC Chair: Getting Dean In

I've asked a number of people in the last few weeks what we can all best do to reform the democratic party, and the answer I've gotten most often is Get Dean in as DNC Chair.

I've asked a number of people in the last few weeks what we can all best do to get Dean elected DNC Chair, and the most authoritative answer I've gotten is from the leader of my local Deanemocracy For America (DFA) group: The time to act will probably be in a few weeks. Use personal contact with DNC members in your area. Some DNC members have use for political support from within the party, so right now is a fine time to insert yourself into the workings of your local Dem Party. If your state works the way mine does, Assembly District Dem Committees are about to elect their new state delegates -- a group of 50-150 members sends 12 delegates to the state -- and you can probably become a member at this point just by ponying up your $14. I'd say that's $14 and a winter morning well spent. To get exact dates, meeting places, and membership deadlines for your assembly district contact your state Dem Party Executive Director or just google "X democratic committee" where X is your state.

Dean himself, by the way, was asked what we can do to get him elected DNC Chair when i saw him speak recently. But he talked instead about whether he thought he should seek the job at all. And he has pointed out that even if he seeks the Chair and is elected to it, DFA will continue to exist.


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