Sunday, November 28, 2004

Howard Dean for DNC Chair

Rep. Mark Cohen (D, PA) speaks out in support of Howard Dean:

The Democratic National Committee has never had a party chair like Howard Dean. That is one of the reasons why the Republicans control the White House...

A Dean Chairmanship will open the party up to the grassroots. It will be the best funded Democratic Party ever. It will be the party with the most volunteers ever, the party that builds on the many successes of the 2004 campaigns.
Traditionalists will scoff that Dean is too liberal, that Americans do not want liberals. What Americans do not want is arrogant, isolated, holier than thou elitists. Some such people are liberals,and the image of liberalism has been tarred by these examples, but most are not. Howard Dean is a straight-talking above average American who can lead, inspire, and mobilize. He is a liberal in the broad generic sense in which the vast majority of Democrats are liberals, but not in the narrow, derogatory sense of the term.

He can be the greatest Democratic Chairman we ever had. Hopefully, the Democratic National Committee will be wise enough, independent enough, and responsive enough to give him--and us--that opportunity.


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