Monday, December 13, 2004

State Parties Like Netroots Money; Don't Seem To Like Netroots

This is the best article this week about party reform, from blogswarm, with useful annotation by Chris Bowers.

In my humble opinion, the ADSC should have kicked out anyone who doesn't have a blog.
While almost all of these states have a mechanism for accepting online donations, none of them decided to catapult their online campaigns by having a blog. Likewise, almost all of these websites ask people to volunteer without offering daily reasons why their time is needed.

As NE and NV have demonstrated, a state party can spend 20 minutes to set up a free blog on blogger, put a link on their website, and be a modern Party in a half an hour.

If state parties want to do more, they could follow the lead of California's Bob Mulholland who uses his blog to bash Republicans, fire up activists, and raise money -- in real-time, almost every day.


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