Monday, December 13, 2004

This Should Win Us the Washington Governor's Race

Our candidate for Governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire, is within a few dozen votes of winning the seat. 561 uncounted votes have just been discovered in the heavily Democratic county that contains Seattle. From KOMO Channel 4 News:

King County Elections Director Dean Logan said Monday that approximately 561 absentee ballots were rejected because it was mistakenly thought that the signatures on the ballots did not match original voter registration records. However, he said the signatures simply were not on file in the county's voter registration system, and that original registration records should have been checked.

"In the case of these ballots, the mistake was on our part in not finding signatures of what appears to be eligible voters," Logan said in a news release. "We take full responsibility.

"An error has been made that has prevented valid ballots from being counted. We need to correct the error and count those votes."

How refreshing to hear an election official take responsibility and count votes!


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