Saturday, December 18, 2004

Washington Judge Tries to Steal Election for Republican Governor

Will these crooks never stop? Another Republican who don't believe in elections. In this case, a judge

The state Republican Party's request to keep more than 700 disputed King County election ballots from being counted in the governor's race was granted by a Superior Court judge this afternoon.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Arend ruled that since the ballots had not been made a part of the first vote count, they shouldn't be included in the recount now underway.

"It's clear to me it is not appropriate to revisit the decision whether the ballots should or should not be considered," she said.

Democrats say they will appeal immediately to the State Supreme Court.

But in fact the votes in question are valid

King County Elections Director Dean Logan said Monday that approximately 561 absentee ballots were rejected because it was mistakenly thought that the signatures on the ballots did not match original voter registration records. However, he said the signatures simply were not on file in the county's voter registration system, and that original registration records should have been checked.

and are now believed to be 723 in number. King County is heavily Democratic.

The article doesn't go into the legal particulars, so we are left to wonder: Is Judge Stephanie Arend the unindicted criminal she appears to be, or just an unAmerican, undemocratic douchebag?


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