Friday, December 03, 2004

Which Liar to Replace Safire?

Chris Caldwell, senior editor of The Weekly Standard, is one man who may be in line to replace William Safire on the editorial page of the New York Times. The Times is interested in replacing Safire with a conservative (and, with both eyes backward, someone with no blog credentials). But while Safire was unhinged, The Times is leaning toward replacing him with a liar (apparently a truthful right-winger isn't being considered -- for all I know they can't find one). Chris Caldwell is a liar, as media matters points out -- and they conclude:

Media Matters for America has reviewed the records of other potential Safire successors, including New York Times "Political Points" columnist John Tierney, Washington Post syndicated columnist and FOX News Channel contributor Charles Krauthammer, Weekly Standard executive editor and FOX News Channel host and contributor Fred Barnes, and nationally syndicated columnist and National Review Online editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg, whose purported candidacy for the position, as Media Matters has noted, is being promoted by the weblog "Send Jonah to the New York Times." Each has a long record of introducing falsehoods and misinformation into the media.

There's also an MP3 clip in which Franken catalogues a few of Caldwell's lies.


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