Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Reform Democrats

The fundamental goal of regular Americans for politics today is reform.

For Democrats, the fundamental kind of reform is to move away from corruption.

We need to move toward raising money in small contributions from individuals, from the grass roots, because an excess of corporate campgaign contributions has corrupted the Democratic party, and we need to move away from this. Now, make no mistake here, the reformed Democratic Party will be a friend of business. We stand for economic progress, in fact that's one of our core values. But progress benefits -- and must benefit -- all Americans. We will never let corporate interests get in line in front of the people -- business has to take a number and wait in line along with everybody else. In the last ten years Bill Clinton and the Washington Democrats have let corporations cut in line. This has got to stop.

Reform Democrats seek not only to clean up our party, but also to clean up the mainstream media. The mainstream media, too, is corrupted by corporations -- the corporations that own it. We reform Democrats speak out against the mainstream media: we prefer not to read it, because we read every day on the internet about how much right-wing bias there is in the mainstream media; when people call it "the liberal media" we stand up and you in the media do not represent my interest. Maybe you are somebody's kind of liberal, but you are not my kind of liberal.

Today's Democratic Party must stand for reform.


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