Saturday, December 18, 2004

Bob Shrum: Tone-Deaf Chardonnay Populist

We at Age of Reason think Bob Shrum sucks, so we were pleased to read in USA Toady. They start by quoting Dan Gerstein, who was writing in WSJ:

He called for more muscle in foreign policy, more respect for religion and "banishing Bob Shrum and his tone-deaf Chardonnay populism" from future presidential campaigns. Shrum, 61, was nominee John Kerry's top adviser.

Gerstein is among the many concerned about the Democrats' image. "We've lost the mantle of reform we had for the whole 20th century after Franklin Roosevelt," says Matt Bennett, 39, a former Clark aide and co-founder of a new group called Third Way. "We are seen as defenders of an old system that no longer meets the needs of the 21st century world we live in."

Gerstein, by the way, is a former Lieberman aid, and probably has no interest in what I would see as real reform. But if he wants to help with the much-needed work of shoving Bob Shrum aside, we're glad to have him.


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