Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rathergate vs. Saddam's WMD - A Quantitative Comparison

From the always excellent Poor Man:

RathergateSaddam's WMD
Investigation recently concluded?YesYes
Use of highly questionable supporting documents?YesYes
Central claims disproven?NoYes
Media spread questionable information?YesYes
Number of firings resulting from investigation40
Number of high-profile reassignments resulting from investigation10
Number of wars started using flawed justification01
Cost to American taxpayer$0.00~$150,000,000,000 (as of 1/12/05)
Number of American soldiers killed as a result01,357 (as of 1/12/05)
Number of British soldiers killed as a result076 (as of 1/12/05)
Number of other non-Iraqi allied soldiers killed as a result084 (as of 1/12/05)
Number of Iraqi policemen killed over last 4 months as a result01,300+
Number of Iraqi civilians killed as a result010,000-100,000+
Number of al-Qaeda training camps destroyed as a result00
Number of terrorist plots against the US foiled as a result00
Percentage of Iraqi people who view the US as "occupiers" as a resultno data available92%
Saddam Hussein removed from power as a result?NoYes
Saddam's torture chambers shut down as a result?NoNo
Iraqi people enjoying freedom as a result?NoNo (as of 1/12/05)
US's reputation severely damaged as a resultNoYes
US's military stretched thin as a result?NoYes
Posts mentioning story on NRO's "The Corner"100
Advantage blogosphere?No Please


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